An e-portal has been created and linked to automated Information and Communications Technology (ICT) System and comprehensive e-applications. Our ICT System enables the complainant to join the program that allows for filing, reviewing, and management of the plaintiff’s case. At the same time, through the deployment of information to specialists, activists and the media, a process is set forth that aims at concentrating all of these resources for soliciting and giving the best possible legal support to the complainant. The OAP portal offers a platform for volunteers, licensed lawyers and registered users to communicate directly with the case victims in accordance with OAP’s terms and conditions.
1. Provide access to e-network to view the violations, introduce the complainant’s case and request legal assistance.
2. Study the case and the violations submitted to the site.
3. Provide a brief report on the case to specialists (activists - lawyers - NGOs - governmental organizations - media - notables).
4. Determine and document the case to be defended by a volunteer licensed lawyer with a technical automated system at his/her disposal so that the case can be pursued and updated.
5. Offer an opportunity for activists and volunteers to hold and organize various events.
6. Report the case and raise public awareness about it through the online portal, electronic manuals or other publications.
7. List cases and violations in the periodical electronic and printed manuals.
8. Publish photographed reports about cases and violations by volunteers and members.
9. Produce special reports on selected issues and diffuse them to the media.
Crimes against humanity
• Demolition of homes
• Collective punishment
• Killing of children
• Forced evictions
• Extrajudicial assassinations
• Detention without trial
War Crimes
• Blockade of Gaza and its population of 1.7 million
• Whimsical closures and blockades
• Uprooting of trees
• Attacks on journalists
• Expropriation of land
Human Rights Violations
• Impediment of people’s movements
• Denial of individual’s right of worship
Denial of Refugees Right of Return
1- Registration in the portal according to Terms of Use.
2- Entering specifics of the circumstances and the facts of the offense in detail.
3- Attachment of all legal documents that support the veracity of the circumstances and facts of the complaint.
4- Referral of the complaint, alongside any relevant document, to specialists, who then hand over the case to the relevant, registered activist (s).
5- Examination by the activist (s) of the case and study of its details, followed by their setting in motion all the necessary legal assistance procedures.
6- Regular updates in the portal of the case development.
OAP is a Swiss registered not-for-profit association established in 2013.
We aim to develop a network consisting of national and regional ombudsmen as well as human rights bodies and associations.
We also aspire to establish a network that will steadily grow into a powerful collaboration
tool for the OAP, serving as an effective mechanism for co-operation on case handling.
It is of particular importance that our network enables us to deal promptly and effectively with complaints.
Experiences and best practice will be shared via meetings, seminars, conferences, and regular newsletters, electronic discussion forums.

Membership in OAP is open to any individual or entity that supports its objectives.