The Jerusalem Tramway

The Jerusalem Tramway

Prosecutions of international companies involved in supporting the Israeli occupation.


The Jerusalem tramway line


The Ombudsman Association for Palestine (OAP)

OAP defends the individual and national rights of the Palestinian people. It supports legal action aimed at preventing or defending illegal practices carried out by Israel, including construction of settlements and tranfer of Israeli citizens to live in those settlements.  International companies that in any way support such illegal actions are also considered as accomplices and legal action will be taken against them when appropriate.

 Prosecution of Multinational companies involved in supporting the occupation

OAP is currently invloved in alliance with France-Palestine Solidarity Association, the Palestinian Authority, and some legal activists to prosecute the two French companies that have participated in building a tramway line connecting some Israeli settlements to Jerusaem.

 The issue of Jerusalem tramway line

In 1999, Israel launched an international tender for the construction of a tramway line that connects West Jerusalem to some colonies in the occupied Palestinian territories, in clear violation of the provisions of the 1949 Geneva Conventions. Despite the flagrent illegality of these actions, three French companies, namely Veolia Transport, Alstom, and Alstom Transport participated in the tender and have actually built the line through a conosortium of companies  named CITYPASS.


The CITYPASS group won the tender for the construction and running of the first line of the tram for a period of 30 years. In fact the concession they won consists of a process called Build Operate Transfer (BOT), at the end of which the project is then handed over to the state.

 Paricipating French companies

ALSTOM is the largest train manufacturer in the world. It is present in 70 countries, including many Arab and Islamic countries. Its main activity is Transportation and 90% of the group's revenue comes from projects outside of France.

VEOLIA specializes in public transport, water, energy and the environment, and operates in 77 countries around the world, including many Arab and Islamic countries.

 International laws and conventions related to the occupation

The paricipation of these companies in such projects is illegal and constitute a clear violation of international law, as it is contrary to:

  • Guiding principles of the United Nations on business and human rights.
  • Universal Charter of the United Nations.
  • Human Rights Council resolution of April 14, 2010, which stipulated that the Jerusalem tramway line is a clear violation of international law and relevant United Nations resolutions.
  • Report of United Nations comissioner, who pointed out that the stoppage of the Jerusalem tram on Saturdays and Jewish holidays shows that it is dedicated to serving Israeli settlers and constitues a discrimination against the Palestinian population.

 Prosecution in France

France believes that the solution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict begins with respect for international law. It also maintains a consistent position on the status of Jerusalem and aligns itself with the European Union’s position on Israeli colonies.


Alstom and Veolia have been sued in France by France-Palestine Solidarity Association and the Palestinian Authority, with the support of Ombudsman Association for Palestine(OAP).


Veolia sells its shares in the Jerusalem Light Rail and completes withdrawal from the Israeli market | Who Profits


To read the Full report in French, Click here

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